Friday, April 25, 2008

A Second Pollard ?

Dry Bones cartoon: A Second Pollard?
Pollard and Rafi Eitan:
"Over the 18-month period that Pollard worked for Israel, he provided suitcases of documents to his handlers on a regular basis. Rafi Eitan, Israel's master spy who served as Pollard's chief handler from his position as head of the Office for Information Cooperation at the Israeli Embassy, told him that his information was discussed at cabinet meetings and Pollard understood that his main contractor was then Maj.-Gen. Ehud Barak, who then served as Commander of Military Intelligence. Yet, when Pollard was arrested, Israel did whatever it could to deny its connection to him. From the moment then prime minister Shimon Peres ordered embassy security officers to physically eject Pollard and his wife-at-the-time Anne from the embassy, Israel has done everything in its power to distance itself from Pollard." -more from Caroline Glick

Kadish, Pollard, and Rafi Eitan:

"The link between Pollard and Kadish is a now-defunct Israeli intelligence agency enigmatically known as the Scientific Relations Office. The office was run by Rafi Eitan, a former officer of the Mossad spy agency who is now an octogenarian Israeli Cabinet minister in charge of pensioners' affairs." -more from the AP

Speculation (from the same AP piece):

"Shlomo Slonim, an expert on U.S.-Israel relations at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said the documents Kadish allegedly supplied were not top secret and could be found in a library.

"Apparently somebody is trying to trump up something relatively minor and make it into a scandal of some sort," he said.

Alon Pinkas, Israel's former New York consul, went further, saying "anti-Israeli" elements in the CIA and Pentagon might have decided to release the charges to torpedo any possible release of Pollard." - more

So is anti-Semitism and/or anti-Zionist politics behind the timing of the arrest? Your thoughts?

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