Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Royal Screw-Up

Dry Bones cartoon: Hamas is Burrowing into Gaza and the Israeli Government Seems Stumped.
I use King Solomon to represent the Israeli government and/or establishment.

But the unpreparedness in the face of the Hamas push into Sinai is equally true about the Egyptian government and, of course, the governments of the West.

When I was a kid they showed us a film in school about tuberculosis. The scary images haunt me to this day. According to the film, bacteria that the body can't fight off are encased in a kind of tube or "tuber". Later the tubers break open and the body is hit by the outbreak, which is called "tuberculosis".

I have no idea if this is at all accurate, but it is the way I remember it. And it's what I thought about after witnessing the pent-up Iranian-backed Hamas forces break out of their isolation in Gaza.

Main stream media continues to consider it a simple cough rather than a devastating outbreak of TB.

Your thoughts please?

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