Monday, January 28, 2008

Cover Story

Dry Bones cartoon: Iranian-backed forces enter Sinai under cover of a
The 1979 Egyptian/Israeli Peace Treaty is based on having a demilitarized, non-threatening Sinai between the two countries.

Israel is not allowed to move its forces into the Sinai, and Cairo is not permitted to move additional Egyptian forces into the area. The "Multinational Force and Observers" patrols the Sinai, ensuring that the terms of the Peace Agreement are not violated by either of the two countries.

What has now happened is that, under the smoke screen cover story of the "humanitarian crisis", the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists have broken out of Gaza and moved to establish their beachheads and footholds in Sinai. Egypt, Israel, and the MFO units are now threatened by dangers that the terms of the Peace Agreement never envisioned... and to which the Peace Agreement would seem to prevent their responding.

I wonder when the main stream media will discover the real story?

What's your guess?

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