Friday, May 04, 2007

British Reporters Attack Israel !?

Dry Bones cartoon: telecommunications.
So is this call for UN sanctions and a boycott of Israeli products by the British journalists really just a bid to placate the Palestinians because of the kidnapping? Here's what the spokesman for the British Press Union itself has to say:

"Tim Gopsill, the union's press spokesman, said the move was partially a reward to Palestinian journalists for cooperating with a campaign to free Alan Johnston, a BBC reporter kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip."

"The Palestinian journalists' union has given huge support to the campaign for his release -- holding demonstrations and strikes against the Palestinian Authority to demand more action from them," wrote Gopsill. "The boycott call was a gesture of support for the Palestinian people -- notably those suffering in the siege of Gaza, the community Alan Johnston has been so keen to help through his reporting."

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