Friday, November 17, 2006


Dry Bones cartoon -Pallywood.

faked?Do the Palestinians fabricate photographs and news footage? You bet they do! It's part of their propaganda war against us. Look at this photograph of the frightened Palestinian boy that has become an icon for the anti-Israel movement. Could this news footage image of 12 year-old Mohammed Al Durah and his dad(reproduced everywhere) be a Pallywood fake? I don't know. Second Draft presents the evidence and examines the possibilities.

For me, a more important question is "Will the Al Durah image continue to be used for decades as proof of an Israeli atrocity?" And the answer to that is a firm YES! How do I know?.

Consider the following news magazine photographic "spread" from 1937... the dramatic photo covers a page and a half. The image is of a bombed-out train station in Nanking, China. On the tracks is a crying Chinese baby, left there to die by the Japanese invaders.

the dramatic news photo

The following photo shows how the baby was set, as a prop, to be used in the heart-rending anti-Japanese propaganda piece. The photograph was a fake.

setting up the photo shoot

We now cut to sixty years later.

The following is the cover of Princeton University's 1997 commemoration of the 1937 Japanese atrocities at Nanking.

The only image used, other than Princeton's Official Seal, is the Fake baby photo

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