Monday, April 04, 2016

Israel Diaries Review

Dry Bones cartoon, Kirschen, Dry Bones, Kirschen, Haggadah, Passover, holiday, review, Dry Bones Passover Haggadah, Sheri Oz just published a review of the Dry Bones Passover Haggadah at her popular Israel Diaries site. Here it is:
I’m Reading From THIS Passover Haggadah This Year


There’s still time to order your Haggadah for the Seder this year. The Dry Bones Passover Haggadah is a special treat. You get to spend the time with Dry Bones and that is always fun.
I can imagine my granddaughter sitting on my lap looking at the comics while I follow along the text of the Seder. That is, if other kids don’t grab Haggadah and pass it around the table. Might be a good idea to order a few extra copies just in case.

One thing I particularly liked about this volume — and I don’t know if Yaakov Kirschen thought about it like this – is how the preface is so personal. Makes me almost feel like he is talking to me, letting me know something about the man behind the famous comics. The fact that he lives just down the road (a long road, I admit, the coastal road to be exact – he’s in Tel Aviv and I’m in Haifa) feels that much more personal to me.

Kirschen tells us how he came to put this book together and what he hopes we will get from using it at our own Seders. He also shares his decision making regarding various aspects of his Haggadah. Here is an example

Telling us that his decisions were based upon how things felt to him made me smile because it is something I can relate to in my own life.

I thought you might like to see what some of the pages look like so I copied two pages with different design elements:

While Supplies Last!

Get YOUR Dry Bones Passover Haggadah

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