Friday, October 26, 2012

Crowd Frenzy

 kickstarter, crowdfunding, haggadah, passover, kirschen : Dry Bones cartoon.The Dry Bones Kickstarter Haggadah campaign really is turning into a crowd frenzy, and for this I want to thank all the friends and fans who are forwarding, sharing, liking, and emailing ...and making this so popular. More folks are coming on board every day ...and we have to express a special word of thanks to the bloggers who are bringing the story to their readers.
* * *
If you don't know what I'm ta;ling about, click on Dry Bones Kickstarter Campaign. and watch the video of me in my studio explaining the details. An alternative is to click on the kickstarter link at
But Remember! On Friday November 16th the Kickstarter Haggadah Campaign will end, and becomes history.

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