Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part of the Language

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A friend reported hearing someone say that an unruly Union group "had gone all Arab Spring" on management. English is filled with phrases whose origins are lost to us. The British "Bob's your Uncle" and the American "I'll be there with bells on!" come to mind.

The other night, while out to dinner, I tried to impress the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) with my knowledge of the origins of those two phrases and she responded by pointing to the restaurant's "Powder Room" saying "So where did the British euphemism 'the Loo' come from?". "Could 'water closet'have morphed into 'Waterloo' and been shortened to 'Loo'?" she asked. "and why the 00 sign?" she went on.

By that point I lost interest in the topic and got down to doing a cartoon. Today's effort is what came out.

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