Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Refugees and non-orthodox Jews (1977)

Dry Bones sartoon:  June 21, 1977

(1977) Dry Bones cartoon: Refugees, Vietnam, Begin, Law, Return, Reform Jews, Conservative Jews,Refugees, Africa, Vietnam, migrants, Judaism,
Today's Golden Oldie is from June 1977.

It was 10 years after the Six-Day War of June 67. Menachem Begin was the Prime Minister.The cartoon was about two items then current in the news.

First was the refugees (from Vietnam) that we welcomed to the country. The second was the attempt to bar non-orthodox Judaism from flourishing in Israel.

I picked the cartoon because the two hot topics in Israel today are again refugees and non-orthodoxy. Now, in 2012, we are being forced to discriminate between migrant Africans who are just slipping into the country illegally to find work and African refugees who've fled their native lands seeking refuge.

As for non-orthodoxy, here's the latest from the Associated Press:

Israel announces it will fund non-Orthodox rabbis for 1st time
"JERUSALEM — Israel's attorney general has announced that non-Orthodox rabbis serving their communities will receive state funding for the first time.
Up to now, the state has recognized and supported only Orthodox rabbis, leaving the more liberal clergy and their congregations without state funding."

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