Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sukkot (2004)

Sukkot, Holidays, Jewish Culture, tabernacles
September 20, 2004
(2004) Dry Bones cartoon: Yom Kippur, Fasting, Holidays, Jewish Culture, Shuldig,
Today's Golden Oldie was published in 2004 ...but it was a rerun ...another one of the very few cartoons that I repeated a cartoon. So 2004 was the second time that I ran the cartoon, but I just can't find the original. 2004 was before I had the blog, which, for me, defines it as a "golden oldie". So here's one of my favorite cartoons! Again!

Tomorrow is Erev Sukkot, the eve of this week-long holiday. To browse my previous postings about Sukkot just click on the word Sukkot.

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