Friday, April 29, 2011

The Media Campaign

Donald Trump. Glenn Beck, Campaign, Obama, 2012, Presidency, Republican, U.S., elections: Dry Bones cartoon.
Up until now there have been three people whose names in a cartoon are enough to stimulate angry responses. The three are Pollard, Obama, and Glenn Beck.

1- Any use of the President's middle name brands me as a racist!

2- Any discussion of Pollard and his abandonment by the Jewish "powers that be" both in America and the Israeli government here in the Middle East always brings an angry response or two.

3- Any defense of Glenn Beck brings advice that I should not be deceived by this fascist antisemitic demagogue.

Suddenly a fourth name has been added (by the Main Stream Media) to the list of names you can't say without hitting a "nerve": Donald Trump.

* * *
For some reason the situation reminds me of George Carlin's classic Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say On TV routine from 1972.

I came to Israel in 1971 and started Dry Bones in 1973. But unlike Carlin I never intended to shock. I wanted (and still want) to win folks to my "side" by allowing them to "see" my point of view through humor. So the offensiveness of the three (now four) names creates a real problem for me.

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