Friday, April 08, 2011

Glenn Beck

George Soros, Fox TV, MSM,  Media, Glenn Beck : Dry Bones cartoon.
If you don't recognize "Spooky Dude" as a nickname for George Soros, then you haven't been watching or listening to news commentator Glenn Beck. Beck has been condemned as an antisemite and portrayed as a whacko conspiracy theorist. He is neither.

I am shocked that, like the Jewish State, he has been boycotted demonized and has had sanctions used against him. That his voice is being silenced in America's Main Stream Media is shameful. Here in Israel, I, and many others have in recent months begun watching Beck's TV shows online. Judge for yourself. Watch a few of his TV shows at:

* * *
In May I'll be doing a ten-city U.S. Speaking Tour as part of my "Campaign to Turn Z Street into the Grass Roots Zionist Movement That We Need" . The first two cities that we are announcing are Philadelphia and Boston. So if you're a Zionist and you're in the neighborhood, don't be a stranger, come see me.

Philadelphia: Sunday May 15, at 10AM, in Winnewood, Lancaster Ave. and Remington Road (Temple Beth Hillel - Beth El)

Boston: Thursday May 26, at 7:30PM, in Stoughton, at 1179 Central Street (the Ahavat Torah Synagogue).

* * *
Cities to be announced include NY, Chicago, Detroit, San Antonio, and others. LA is still open, so if your organization wants to host an event in May in LA, let me know or send an email to Rabbi Lerner at

. . . and if anybody can set up a Glenn Beck Dry Bones meeting . . .

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