Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scary Movie

Libya, No Fly Zone, Gaddafi, NATO, bombing, Obama : Dry Bones cartoon.
You almost always know something about a movie before you see it. Is it a comedy, an adventure, a psychological thriller, science fiction, etc.

Many years ago I was in Tel Aviv for the day (I was living in Jerusalem at the time). I had been under a lot of pressure and was feeling the stress. I passed a little cinema house. I looked at the photos on display. The movie was called "All That Jazz". "Hmmmm" thought I "A light-hearted musical, all singing and dancing. Just what I need to lift my spirits"

The film was the story of someone who was as exhausted as I was and as driven as I was. And he has a heart attack and dies.

So like everyone else, I'm watching the bombing of Libya and like everyone else I don't know how this drama is going to end. But my gut feeling is that it wont end well. And we can't change the channel or walk out of the movie house.

And I really hope I'm wrong!

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