Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NATO Imperial Bombing (1999)

1999 Dry Bones cartoon NATO Bombs Yugoslavia

Today's Golden Oldie is from March 29, 1999. On March 24, 1999, 5 days earlier, NATO planes had began bombing Yugoslavia. The attacks continued until June 10, 1999.

It seemed to me that the American President (Clinton) was acting like an emperor. And he didn't even need the "fig leaf" of a UN resolution. So I drew the President as an imperial Roman statue, with a sword in one hand and the media in the other. The nude statue, it was implied, wore no "fig leaf".

Today, in another March, another American President has chosen to intervene in another civil war by again using NATO to bomb another government into submission! . . . but today's President is trying to cover his imperial decision with the flimsy and phony fig leaves of both the UN and the Arab League.

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