Thursday, January 06, 2011

If it isn't one thing (1991)

(1991) Dry Bones cartoon: gulf war, aliya, fall of communism, rise of Islamism.
Today's cartoon is from January 6, 1991.

The saying goes "If it isn't one thing, it's another!" The truth is that it's usually one thing and another! Back in 1991 the world was going through major geopolitical upheavals. We were witnesses to historic changes. We had no idea what would happen next.

* * *

Twelve days later Iraqi missiles would hit Tel Aviv. As the Boston Globe would report on January 18, 1991:

Iraqi missiles strike Israel; no decision on retaliation Tel Aviv, Haifa hit; 7 injured

WASHINGTON -- "Iraq, after absorbing massive US air strikes for 24 hours, launched a missile attack on Israel last night, heightening the possibility that the Jewish state would be drawn into the one-day-old Persian Gulf war.

Initial reports indicated that the missiles, which landed in Tel Aviv and the northern port city of Haifa, injured seven persons and destroyed an apartment building.

Following the attack, the region braced for the possibility of a massive retaliation by Israel against Iraq. Late last night, Israel said it had not decided whether to retaliate."

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