Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Airport Security Measures

New airport security measures: Dry Bones cartoon.
Think about it! Drug smugglers called "mules" already swallow condoms or balloons filled with drugs.

Here's a story from the Bermuda Sun:

"Seeing "nothing but dollar signs", the mules can swallow up to a kilo of liquid cocaine - which has a street value in Bermuda of about $30,000. They line their stomachs with liquid cocaine pellets stashed inside latex, even though the tiniest of tears can cause the liquid drug to seep out and kill them.

This form of drug smuggling - known as body packing - is on the increase across the world and overdoses and deaths are not uncommon.

Narcotics officer Sergeant Hayden Small spoke to the Bermuda Sun about the police service's "growing concern" and suggested swallowers could already be getting onto the island." -more

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