Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hanukka Christmas (1994)

(1994) Dry Bones cartoon: Hanukka and Chrismas.
Today's cartoon is from 1994.

In that year the Jewish Festival of Lights began on November 28. This year Hanukka begins on December 2. Still way before the Christmas Holiday. When the holidays are at the same time it's easier for Jewish kids who live in a non-Jewish society.

As the cartoons says, the Christmas Season in America starts on Thanksgiving Day. That's when jolly old Saint Nick rides into NYC in the Macy's Parade and the economic commentators start predicting this year's sales figures.

* * *
The LSW (Long Suffering Wife) informs me that I'm "not allowed" to refer to the "Christmas Season". She says that I must call it the "Holiday Season". Are there new and enforceable PC rules that I don't know about?

* * *
Had a visit today from a young American cartoonist who immigrated to Israel this year. She's an observant Jew, lives in Jerusalem, and she's getting ready to do the whole turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing bit this Thursday.

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