Thursday, June 11, 2009

King Hussein's Legacy (1999)

Peace with Jordan(1999) Dry Bones cartoon - .
Today's Golden Oldie is from 1999.

Last night I was a guest at the official celebration of the National Day of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which was held in Tel Aviv. The national anthems of Jordan and Israel were played. The assembled diplomats, journalists, businessmen, and "notables" chatted and enjoyed the food and drink. It was all very civilized. In his address, the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel noted that ten years had passed since the current monarch, King Abdullah II had ascended to the throne.

When I got back home from the reception I dug through my archives to find today's Golden Oldie. So here we are, ten years later, and the question asked in the cartoon has been answered. We had indeed made peace, not just with King Hussein, but with his kingdom.

In this case, at least, our optimists were right!

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