Wednesday, November 19, 2008

President Elect Obama

OiyBama : Dry Bones cartoon.
Monday's cartoon showed Mr. Shuldig, my alter ego, listening to a former "Obama would be a disaster" alarmist express some hope for the future. The joke was that the only hope he/she could find was in Obama being an opportunist rather than an ideologue.

The reactions to the cartoon surprised me. Some readers assumed that Mr. Shuldig was expressing an opinion rather than listening to one.

I was also surprised at the unwillingness to give the President Elect a chance. He faces unbelievable obstacles and incredible challenges. The rest of the world is bristling with enemies of America. I wish America's new leader well.

...and, as you can see from today's cartoon, am showing him as he is "behind closed doors" a guy with a new job rather than as a Superman or as a Manchurian Candidate Muslim anti-Christ.

What do YOU think?

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