Friday, November 16, 2007

Oy Veh, it's OJ!

Dry Bones cartoon: Oy Veh, it's OJ.
"Do you really think that there are people who are addicted to watching OJ Trials on TV?", I asked my daughter.

She said that I was "beginning to obsess" and that if I couldn't "just give it up" I'd have to take "the first step". I'd have to "admit" to my own dependency!

Actually, I am not interested in OJ, or interviews about OJ, or books or gossip about OJ... I'm just hooked on the OJ Trials. TV shows like CSI present a fantasy view of criminal investigation. "Reality TV" offerings like "Survivor", "American Idol", "The Apprentice", etc. are Make-Believe Reality... The OJ Trials are the real thing. And I am powerless to resist their pull.

So now that I've admitted to being an OJ Trialaholic, tell me, do you think less of me?

...And where were you during the First OJ Trial?

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