Friday, October 13, 2006

Simhat Torah

Dry Bones cartoon -Simhat Torah!This cartoon shows Mr. Shuldig dancing with a Torah scroll on Simhat Torah. Tonight, Friday evening, is the start of the 8th day of the 7-day Succot holiday. It is a holiday called Shmini Atzeret (8th assembly) which features the Simhat Torah festivities. For me, the highlight of Simhat Torah is the dancing with the Torah, thus today's cartoon.

Newspaper cartoonists are often frustrated by our inability to make our creations actually move.
But, hey! This is the digital world... So why couldn't I make the dancer dance?
I thought about it and decided that I could.
I carefully cut the 4 dancing figures from the 4 panels of the cartoon, pasted 'em together in different sequences (with different "timings" and at different heights), and saved them as an "animated gif". The gif flips through the 4 static images to "animate" Mr. Shuldig's dance.

Dry Bones cartoon -Simhat Torah - Shuldig Dances!
By the way, I wasn't precise enough in my cutting and pasting ...And a teenie tiny red line at the bottom of the animation flashes my mistake in one of the "frames".
Did you catch it?
Before I mentioned it?

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