Thursday, October 26, 2006

It Rained (1996)

1976 Dry Bones cartoon -It Rained.

Israel's rainy season has just begun. Rain is a blessing and we pray for it to flood into our reservoirs, to fill our lakes and ponds, and to soak the fields after the hot dry summer.

Last night we were hit with a series of lightning-packed cloudbursts of driving rain. The electricity went out, the streets and traffic lights went dark. Without computers I couldn't select a golden oldie or write a posting for today so I went to bed. By morning the on and off electricity failures had ended (as had the rain) and the next-door neighbor guy stopped by to see if OUR phones were dead.

With little time to research and locate an oldie that would relate to the political situation, I decided to just pick a 'toon that was published on this very date.

Obviously I lucked out.
This cartoon was published exactly 30 years ago today. On October 26, 1976.

It rained.