Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Holidays (1991)

Click on this "full page" cartoon to open a larger, more readable version.
1991 Dry Bones cartoon -You know you've been here too long- Holidays

This full page cartoon from 1991 was being nostalgic about a series of cartoons I'd done decades before. Those earlier "You know you've been here too long" cartoons traced the way we "New Olim" (immigrants) were going native!!
They'd been super-popular and in 1991 I paid homage to those even earlier "golden oldies" with this page about how we handled holidays.
Note that in the title panel one character asks the other "You remember this page?"... And the second character clearly doesn't.

(To properly read the cartoon you'll have to click on it and open a larger version)

I chose this particular cartoon to share with you because we here in Israel are still in the extended holiday season which began with Rosh HaShana and continues 'til next week. These days are sort of half-holidays, people are going on picnics, and yesterday I, with a bus-load of friends found myself stuck in a line of traffic like the one in panel 3.
Stuff gets put off during this period. Repairmen etc. will be available "after the holidays".

I assume that those of you who live or have lived in Israel will appreciate this cartoon.
But what about those of you who haven't? Is it too much of an inside joke?

Should I try to find some of the really old "You Know You've Been Here Too Long When..." cartoons?

Or not?

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