Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Predictions (1991)

1991 Dry Bones cartoon -Ecology in the 21st Century

It was May, 1991. The year 2000 was nine years in the future.
I had a slurp from what we (back in the 20th Century) called " a bottle of mineral water."

Here, 15 years into the future (in the 21st Century) we've dropped the word mineral. We've accepted the idea that we pay for a bottle of water!
I was old enough back in 1991 to think that paying for a bottle of water was absurd!

But one of the things cartoonists are supposed to do is to see and show a picture of the way things are going. So I grabbed my pen, scribbled the title "Life in the 21st Century" and under that I drew Mr. Shuldig looking at his empty plastic water bottle. I looked at my sketch and the empty bottle and I thought "In the future they'll sell us bottled air!!" The idea was then to show how we can adjust to living with the growing ecological disaster.

From there on I just let myself go.
And this full color page in the Jerusalem Report was the result.

I tried to squeeze it into the blog space.
I hope it works.

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