Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Disrespecting Islam

Dry Bones cartoon -The Pope, the Mafia, and the violent reaction of Muslim mobs!
Violent and hyper-sensitive reactions to supposed attacks on their "honor" is a characteristic of street gangs everywhere. The following is about American street gangs and is from the Police and Security News July/August 2000:
"In the gang world, no challenge, assault or diss (act of disrespect) can go unanswered since being a gang member is all about holding onto respect and reputation (rep). When a diss occurs to a gang by a rival, only revenge will satisfy the offended gang. To them, revenge shows the world (mostly themselves, really), that their rep is intact and is to be respected. Gang history teaches us that revenge will be in the form of a bloody beating, a bullet-spray drive-by or even a bombing." -complete article

So does this "gang mentality" explain the spread of Moslem anger?
...and perhaps the spread of Islam itself?

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