Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton's Human Rights Record (1997)

1997 Dry Bones cartoon -Clinton, after the massacre at tienneman square, granted China most favored nation status... so why should the PLO's excesses bother him?

1989. The Chinese Massacre of Civilians in Tienneman Square.

"The images are shocking. Armoured tanks plow into crowds of people, flames from burning buses light up the night sky, and bleeding bodies are rushed to hospital."
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1992. Campaigning for the Presidency, Clinton charged that Bush was willing to "coddle tyrants" in Beijing. Clinton implied he would use trade threats as a club to force the Chinese to behave on human rights

1994. President Clinton Grants China MFN.

"President Clinton Thursday reversed course on China and renewed its trade privileges despite what he said was Beijing's lack of significant progress on human rights."
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