Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clinton's Global Initiative

Dry Bones cartoon -Clinton is at it again, searching for 'Peace' in the Middle East
Al-Jazeerah Reports
"New York, 22 September 2006: The International Crisis Group today launched a new global advocacy initiative designed to generate new political momentum for a comprehensive settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Major funding support for the initiative, to cost around $400,000 in its first year, was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York."

The basic goal of the initiative is to empower the Arab States and a broad alliance of anti-Israeli leaders to campaign internationally to force a "solution" on Israel.
As the official report puts it:

"An international publicity campaign mobilising respected former presidents, prime ministers, foreign and defence ministers, congressional leaders and heads of international organisations around a statement of support for a comprehensive settlement, and a new process to achieve it, involving a possible international conference to kickstart negotiations, and the leadership role of the Quartet (U.S., EU, Russia, UN) being reinforced by greater participation from the Arab League and regional countries."
Read the whole thing here.

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