Tuesday, August 01, 2006

UN Peace Keepers in Lebanon (1982)

1982 Dry Bones cartoon -UNIFIL: The UN Force in LebanonThe UN already sent a peace-keeping force to Southern Lebanon.
They were a joke!
So in this cartoon done back in 1982 I drew them to look like the Keystone Cops (sometimes written as Keystone Kops) ... a silent movie troupe of funny policemen.
The Kops rushed around causing slapststick confusion and making any bad situation worse.
Sort of like the UN.

the Keystone Cops
The Keystone Kops in a typical pose.

The desk officer using the telephone is Ford Sterling. The policeman directly behind Sterling (in extreme background, left) is Edgar Kennedy. The hefty policeman at extreme right is Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. The young constable with bulging eyes, fourth from right, is Arbuckle's nephew Al St. John. The casting of the Keystone police force changed from one film to the next; many of the individual members were per-diem actors who remain unidentifiable.

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