Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prisoner Exchange (1985)

1985 Dry Bones cartoon -Israel exchanges 1150 Arab prisoners for three Israelis! Does the gov't know what it's doing? Is there a secret peace agreement buried in the arrangement

This cartoon was published 2 days after the Israeli government had announced the prisoner exchange it had negotiated to retrieve 3 Israeli soldiers.

"On 20 May 1985, in an exchange referred to as the "Jibril Deal," three IDF POWs Hezi Shai, who had been captured in the battle of Sultan Ya'aqub on 11.6.82, and Yosef Grof and Nissim Salem, who had been captured in Bhamdoun on 4 September 1982, by the PFLP, were returned to Israel in exchange for the release of 1150 terrorists."
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1985. Twenty one years ago.

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