Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dry Bones Rosh HaShana Cards!!

Dry Bones Jewish New Year Cards

I post cartoons every day, Monday through Friday.
We're a "Never on Sunday" kinda' blog.
But I decided to post this special notice today.

I've drawn a selection of colorful, uplifting, and amusing Jewish New Year cards. Each design is available in a pack of six (along with envelopes)
They're made of real card stock and if you'll slide them into the envelopes and stick a postage stamp on 'em, a uniformed representative of the government's "Snail Mail" postal service will actually carry it in a big leather bag and put it physically into your friend's mailbox!

Show that you care enough to send real cards, made of dead trees!

To check out the card designs just click on the picture above, or on the words Dry Bones Greeting Cards.

This year, the holidays begin on the evening of September 22 (Rosh HaShanah) and continue until October 15 (Simhat Torah).

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