Friday, August 25, 2006

Bully Boy Strategy

Dry Bones cartoon - Ahmadinejad wants Syria to taunt Israel into further conflict.!When I first sketched this cartoon out, I drew Ahamdinejad like a schoolyard bully and Assad as his younger stooge.
It didn't feel right.
So I redrew Ahmadinejad as a gangster (in the black shirt, white tie cartoon style of showing Mafia hoods). Assad then became his thug "soldier".

With the two characters being depicted as old-timey Mafia hoods I wrote the text in a New Yorky Brookynish dialect. This meant that although it might be more funny for some, it would be more difficult for some non-native English speakers to "get."

So I rewrote the text in "straight" English but left in the "but you said that you was gonna' fight him".
So does it work?
Or are visitors going to think that I made a mistake?

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