Thursday, July 06, 2006

Labor Unrest (1986)

1986 Dry Bones cartoon - Nurses Strike in Israel and it's Entebbe Day (4th of July)Today's Golden Oldie is a "Friday Dry Bones". This is the first time that I'm posting one of these, which were larger than the "normal" daily format.

The subject of the 'toon was a national nurses' strike and the Israeli government's attempt to outwit them.
As usual, in this cartoon, I used King Solomon to represent Israel's government.

It was July 4th 1986, 10 years after the rescue,
but Entebbe was still on our minds.

The cartoon is appropriate given the current Israeli military operations. As the BBC puts it:

"Israel's offensive in Gaza to secure the release of a soldier captured by Palestinian militants is the latest in a history of similar military operations by the Jewish state. By coincidence, it falls near the 30th anniversary of Israel's most famous rescue mission, the raid on Entebbe in Uganda. Former hostages and the elite troops who saved them recall that operation, which happened shortly before midnight on 3 July 1976."
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