Friday, June 02, 2006

Religion of Peace

Dry Bones cartoon - Hizbullah, Israel, Islam, Religion of Peace

The following are some excerpts from the speech by Hizbullah secretary-general Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, which was broadcast on Al-Manar TV on May 23, 2006, in which he boasts of Hizbullah's missile capabilities and details the weaknesses of the Jewish State:
"This [Zionist] entity, which has many strengths - I don't have time now to list them all - has weaknesses as well. One of its most important weaknesses is the fact that it is an extraneous entity. It is not deeply rooted. Another of its weaknesses is the fact that its society is not homogeneous.
Some Falasha Ethiopians, some from Russia, and some from I don't know where... They are bound together by a baseless and unfounded myth. Another weakness of this entity is that its people came because they were promised security, peace, and a life in the land of milk and honey. But if they encounter something else, they will leave this land.
"Another weakness is that both as individuals and as a collective, they are described by Allah as 'the people who guard their lives most.' Their strong adherence to this world, with all its vanities and pleasures, constitutes a weakness.
In contrast, our people and our nation's willingness to sacrifice their blood, souls, children, fathers, and families for the sake of the nation's honor, life, and happiness has always been one of our nation's strengths."
Want to see the Hizbullah TV clip that the two bar stool pundits are watching? With English subtitles?

Memri (the Middle East Media Research Institute) has it.

Click to Watch

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