Friday, April 28, 2006

The Iranian Threat.

Dry Bones cartoon - Stopping Iran.Two "minor" news stories that you might have missed which seem pertinent.

The first story is that there was just a suicide bomber attack on the MFO in Sinai. The MFO (Multinational Force & Observers)is the peacekeeping force that patrols the Sinai in accordance with provisions of the Egypt-Israel peace agreement. The peacekeepers have been attacked before but this time it's suicide bombers... Which means that it's not smugglers or unhappy locals. It's the Islamocrazies. To me it's beginning to look as if Iran wants to establish itself as the Mideast power.

The second news item is that, apparently, the Iranians are getting Russian-designed North Korean-upgraded nuke-capable missiles which can reach Europe.

Uh, guys...This problem is not going to just go away.

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