Monday, December 12, 2005

Iranian Nukes

Dry Bones cartoon - Iranian Nukes

I read the Israeli statement that "at the moment we have no plans...". I used Mr. Shuldig, my "alter ego" to at first read something broader into the cautious Israeli statement and then, in the final panel, to realize the limitations of the Israeli denial.

I assume that readers will "get it" and laugh. Of course this is one of those subtle punch lines that the careful reader gets, the less-careful reader requires a second read to "get", and is dismissed by the rest as "just not funny".

So how did I do with you?

As an after-thought, I added the sound of the ticking clock next to the Dry Bones head... in a way, it is the real message of the cartoon. Time is slipping away and soon the inaction of the world will force us into a preemptive move against the regional giant that has sworn to destroy us.

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