Thursday, November 10, 2005

Intifada (1989)

1989 Dry Bones cartoon - the Intifada
On a Friday in December 1987 four Arabs in Gaza died in a traffic accident involving Israelis. Youthful Palestinian demonstrators then took to the streets using the accidental deaths as a rallying cry, which confused Israelis. "What did the traffic accident deaths have to do with anything else?"

My guess is that lots of people in France today are trying to figure out how the accidental deaths of two youths has turned into the current madness and violence.

The above cartoon was done a year and a half after the start of the Palestinian "Intifada". At that point we still could only shake our heads in disbelief at the "insanity".

We did not understand that in a few years the Intifada would evolve into the shooting of children in the arms of their Israeli parents, suicide bombings of our buses, of pizzerias, and the lynching and murder of our civilians. At the time of this cartoon we Israelis were as confused about what was really going on as today's French men and women are.

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