Thursday, October 06, 2005

Free Gift

February 1991
Dry Bones cartoon (1991) - Scuddot
1991. The First Gulf War. Israel was hit with Scud missiles. We wore our gas masks and huddled in rooms we had sealed with plastic sheets. Both were to protect us from the possibly poison gas-filled Scuds launched at us after nightfall by Saddam's Iraq. It was an experience of biblical proportions, which led me to fantasize about how the period would be remembered by future generations. Surely there'd be a holiday. I imagined that it would be something like Succot. So we called it Scuddot. Folks loved the cartoon, so we printed up posters!

In just a couple of weeks (starting on October 17th at sundown) the week-long Succot holiday will begin. Observant Jews around the world will decorate and sit in little jerry-built leaf-covered huts called Succas. As a free gift for Succot we'd like you to have a letter-sized PDF version of the Scuddot Poster to see, print out and hang in a Succa (or on your wall). To get your free poster just click HERE. If you've got a PDF reader on your computer, the poster will open automatically. You probably have an Adobe Reader installed, even if you don't know it, but if not, you can get a free PDF reader by clicking on Free Adobe Reader.

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