Friday, September 16, 2005


The IDF is the Israeli army. Hutzpa is gall, audacity, brazen, or impudent behavior.The cartoon explains what Yesh Gvul did. Sort of. Israeli NewsSite Ynet News reported the story more fully and less passionately. But hey, cartoonists are not known for lack of passion. Yesh Gvul's actions make me mad! Let me explain.

Traditional, historic anti-Semitism accused the Jews of poisoning the wells. The "new" anti-Semitism accuses the "Jewish State" of poisoning the Palestinian wells. So it's NOT anti-Semitic, just "anti-Zionist". Right?
Below is an example from a typically bogus Palestinian History.
"14 July 2004, 110 Palestinian children, taking part in a summer camp in the West Bank city of Hebron, survived death on Tuesday after drinking poisoned water taken from a well apparently spoiled by a mob of Israeli settlers who were usurped Palestinian-owned lands in the Yatta Town, south of the city.

Altewani village’s mayor, Saber Alhareeny, stressed he witnessed four armed Israeli illegal settlers roaming around the spoiled well, then it was clear that the water was poisoned with strange chemical substances and dead chickens.

"Dead chickens"?

The respected British newspaper, the Independent, cleverly combines the water libel with Jewish "cheapness." Disguising the Jew-hatred as righteous condemnation of the Jewish State allows Jews themselves to take part in the Jew-bashing. And so now we have Yesh Gvul taking part in the international festival of Jewish State-bashing.


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