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Dry Bones Books

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We, the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) and I have published a line of fabulous Dry Bones cartoon books. They make great gifts.

Perhaps the most meaningful of these books is Trees, The Green Testament
It is a 208 page Dry Bones Graphic Novel that presents the story of Israel as told by the Trees. It unites Jews, Christians, environmentalists, historians, Zionists, millennial students, and angry senior citizens with its shared message of hope. The Wall Street Journal called it a book of prophecy. Perhaps they were right.

You can go to my Amazon author's page to see all our books.
There you can "Look Inside" and if you like them (And why wouldn't you?), you could buy one, or a book-shelf of other Dry Bones gift books at
In the UK it's

If you choose, you can also order directly from us. In which case I'll sign your copy and the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) will shlep them to our local post office and mail it to you!

U.S. Reviews:

Five Stars "Wonderful book. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Five Stars "A history that is often made too complicated is revealed in its natural simplicity through this excellent graphic portrayal. This is a five-star presentation that is wonderful for all ages."

Five Stars "Very emotionally satisfying. Creation, Israel, and the Covenant between G-d and the Chosen People."

Five Stars: "I want to quote GoodReads description of the book: "A graphic novel by political cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen that "explores the Jewish People's connection with the land of Israel and explains how the Zionist tree-planting compulsion holds the hope for the future of the entire planet."

Five Stars: "It was indeed a delightful and enlightening reading."

Five Stars: "Trees is one of our all-time favorite books! Have given dozens as gifts over the years. Bones tells a story that is so compelling members of almost every nation can identify and gain from repeating it! Read it to your kids at least once a year and gift it to those you love!"

Five Stars: "All-Time Favorite Gift"

U.K. Reviews:

Five Stars: "Yaakov has great perception, Thoroughly recommended."

Five Stars: "Wonderful - so different and refreshing."

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