Thursday, October 17, 2019

Canada Holds Elections

Canada, Kathrada, Islamism, Muslim,  elections,According to the Times of Israel:
Sheikh Younus Kathrada warns Muslims they will be judged if they vote for Jews or Christians next week: ‘They are all evil’

A Canadian imam called candidates in the country’s upcoming elections “evil and filthy” supporters of Zionism who approve of homosexuality, warning Muslims they would be judged for their votes.“This voting is a testimony and will be recorded,” Sheikh Younus Kathrada of Victoria, British Columbia, said in a sermon on October 11.

“On Judgment Day, you will stand before Allah and be asked about it. If you plan on voting, ask yourself prepare the answer first — what am I going to tell Allah when Allah asks me: ‘You voted for that filthy non-Muslin, why?'” continued Kathrada.

. . . Kathrada has previously said Muslims should not wish Christians “Merry Christmas,” saying doing so is worse than murder. Full Story

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