Monday, August 19, 2019

Omar and Tlaib, Rabbit Hunters

Israel, Bugs Bunny, Omar and Tlaib, BDS, As a kid I always loved the Warner Bros cartoon movies of Bugs Bunny outsmarting the rabbit-hunting Elmer Fudd. Poor frustrated Fudd (unable to pronounce the letter R) would snarl "Dwat that Wabbit" The Omar Tlaib episode reminded me of those films. I drew the two congresswomen dressed in Elmer Fudd's outfit. I was tempted to have them say "Dwat that Wabbit", but I figured that nobody would understand the cultural reference.

In 1980 we had a currency change. Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin replaced the Israeli pound (the Lira) with the Shekel. It is hard to believe now, but back then I (and many others) were shocked. "Shekel" sounded so antisemitic. What would the world think of us!

I smile at those who fear the reaction of outsiders to Israel's banning the entry of two BDS-supporting antisemites. Like that wonderful rabbit I take a bite out of my carrot and from the safety of my rabbit hole, I offer the world a cheery "What's Up Doc?"

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