Friday, July 19, 2019


UNRWA, Gaza, Hamas,donors, terrorism,The time has come for the donor nations of the world to defuse the toxic UNRWA powder keg: This can and should be accomplished in six steps as outlined in Israel Behind the News.

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The question"How are you?"can be answered in two ways.
The first is "I'm Fine, and how are you?"

The alternate answer is "My family doctor checked me out and said that my lungs were clear and it looked like clear sailing from here on. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Then, yesterday, I went to a renowned lung specialist

1. He said that my lungs were NOT in good shape
2. He sent me for a CT examination.
3. He said I'm in danger of "Sleep Apnea" and prescribed an inhaler.
4. He said that my sitting in a chair for he last six months and munching cheese sandwiches had resulted in my putting on a great deal of excess weight, which I now must immediately shed.

I left his office wallowing in a deep pit of dark depression and self-pity.
That was yesterday.

I've immediately given up the yummy cheese sandwiches and am now munching on green salads (part of a rigorous dietary program) and the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) bought me an inhaler
I'm also working on trying to see the bright side of the situation,
BTW, the LSW has just been diagnosed with cataracts!

wish us luck, Shabbat Shalom,"

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