Wednesday, July 03, 2019

A Plan B for Donald Trump?

Deal of the Century,Hamas, PLO, Iran,Arabs, Palestinians, Peace agreement, Middle East, Trump, Gaza, West Bank, Israel, If Hamas and the PLO (the twin oppressors of the Palestinian Arabs) reject the "Deal of the Century", then maybe Trump should consider a "Plan B"!

According to David Singer in J-Wire :

Trump should champion legal migration from West Bank and Gaza

President Trump should consider championing legal, voluntary and financially-assisted emigration from Gaza and the West Bank by calling on Jordan and Egypt to open their border crossings and grant residency status to Gazan and West Bank Arabs seeking a better future for themselves and their families.

Such action is certainly justified following the rejection of President Trump’s offer to inject US$6.5 billion into the West Bank and Gaza – with both Hamas and the PLO telling Trump they were not prepared to accept any financial assistance coming out of the Manama Conference jointly convened last week by Trump and Bahrain.-more

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