Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Burning of Our Fields and Trees

antisemitism,graphic novel. trees, the green testament,Israel, history, generations, continuity, Jewish continuity, Gaza, firebombs, kites, prophecy, The burning of our precious trees by the incendiary kites of Gaza has hit us deeply and left us emotionally drained.

With the growing isolation of Israel, the explosion of antisemitism, the Gazan attacks on our trees, and the world's apathy, I've decided to publish an Annotated Edition of my original graphic novel "Trees, The Green Testament". It's the story of Israel and World History as told by the Trees!! Get yours at or order a copy directly from me for me to autograph and for my LSW (Long Suffering Wife) to mail to you from our home in Israel

It makes a wonderful gift and comes with our love and best wishes in this time of terrible stress and wonderful prophesied miracles to come.

Get your copy now!

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