Friday, June 15, 2018

When We Were Young and Innocent

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About This Book
A Message From Yaakov Kirschen

The years have rolled by into history. Back when we were new immigrants in Israel, before Israel became the "Startup Nation", we did our best to "fit in" to what was then a bizarre and small time country. We heated our homes with kerosene heaters and we spoke a pidgin English, we shopped at the Makolet, and dealt with bank overdrafts.

During this dimly remembered era, the full page Weekend Dry Bones cartoons drew us together. Our successes in "going native" were chronicled in pages titled "You know you've been here too long when . . . "

Those days and those cartoons, like our youth and innocence, are now long gone, but I wanted to remember. And so I put togther this collection of my favorite Jerusalem Post Weekend Dry Bones pages. I carefully re-layed out those giant one-pagers, keeping them full sized and spreading some of them over several pages of this collection. In the process of gathering the cartoons I was reminded of so much that I had fogotten.

If you were in Israel back then, you'll savor the remembering as much as I did.

A chance for us to take a pleasant walk (or shuffle) down memory lane together.

-Yaakov Kirschen 2018

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