Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dry Bones Predicts

Arabs,Permit me to share my insights into what I believe is a major change in Middle East realities.

First The Past.
In 1948 the Kingdom of Jordan invaded, occupied, and ruled Judea and Samaria and the city of Jerusalem. They held it for 19 years (until the six-day war in 1967). There was no Arab/Muslim move to give the area to the local Arab population. During those same 19 years Gaza was ruled by Egypt, again with no thought of giving the area to local Arabs.

Local Arabs back then had loyalties to the local regions where they lived. They were not "Palestinians".
They identified themselves as Hebronites, Jerusalemites, Bethlehemites, Gazans, etc. Calling the local Arabs "Palestinians" was a clever ploy in the battle to destroy the Jewish state. Instead of the Arab/Israeli conflict (with little Israel facing a massive alliance of enemy Arab states), the new paradigm was the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (with a weak "Palestinian" population facing a powerful Israel).

Now the Present.
But there's been a fundamental change in Middle East realities. The Sunni Arab governments and the State of Israel now face the threat of a common and powerful enemy. Our region is being invaded by the Iranian Shi'ites and their proxies. The "Palestinians" are now a hindrance to the natural alliance of Sunni Arab governments and the State of Israel.

And The Future.
I believe that the Sunni Arab governments will dump the "Palestinian" cause and accept Jerusalem as Israel's capital and holy city. As shown in today's cartoon I predict that the "Palestinian"cause will stay alive in the hearts and minds of American Leftist Jews, in the sermons of the Replacement Theology Christian Churches, and the propaganda pronouncements of the Iranian Shi'ite enemy.

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