Sunday, December 03, 2017

A Prophet at Eighty

Twenty five years ago I wrote a graphic novel called Trees, the Green Testament.
It was heralded as a book of prophecy and I was described as a prophet.
I was no less frightened than the prophet Jonah. He tried to escape the burden of his calling. What he did was to flee on a boat from the city of Jaffa. His attempt was thwarted by his being swallowed by a “great fish.”

I fled from my burden by turning my back on the book, getting on with cartooning, and ignoring the public’s demand for the book.

Now, as I approach the age of eighty, I recognize the error of my cowardly decision.
I am punished by seeing a world in which the Ten Commandments are a threat instead of a guide.
I am shaken by seeing Diaspora Jews condemning the Jewish State.
I am crushed by seeing Christian Churches accepting Replacement Theology, abandoning Israel, and ignoring the genocide of Christians in Africa and the Middle East.
I am horrified by the antisemitism of western colleges and universities.

Now, as I approach the age of eighty, I have republished Trees in an annotated edition (the original but enhanced by explanations of much of the book’s hidden messages.)

You can buy Trees; the Green Testament (Kindle or paperback) at Amazon:
Or buy a signed copy of Trees; the Green Testament directly from me in Israel:

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