Sunday, September 10, 2017


hurricane, Hokusai, great wave, Today's cartoon is an outreach to the communities being hit by terrible destructive hurricanes. When I was a young art student I was taken with the mastery of the Japanese artist Hokusai and this is sort of an homage to him.

The years have slipped by and I am no longer a "young art student."

I'm now an old newspaper cartoonist (in a post-newspaper age) about to celebrate his 80th birthday (March 8).

I'm not starving in a garret, I'm living in a rambling old house in Israel with my LSW (Long Suffering Wife). If you are a fan of Dry Bones it would be great if you could/would make a donation to keep us going.

and, of course, perhaps buy a copy of my graphic novel Trees, The Green Testament. Get yours at or order a copy directly from me for me to autograph and for my LSW to mail to you from our local Post Office.

It makes a wonderful gift and comes with our love and best wishes in this time of wonderful miracles and terrible stress.

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