Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mr. Herzl and Mr., Shuldig

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The first Zionist Congress was called by Theodor Herzl as a first step in the creation of a Jewish State. Herzl had planned to hold the gathering in Munich, but due to local Jewish opposition he transferred the gathering to Basel, Switzerland. The three-day Congress opened 120 years ago in Basel on August 29, 1897.

Today's cartoon shows both Mr. Herzl and Mr. Shuldig (my cartoon alter-ego). Mr Shuldig's first historic appearance was 44 years ago in 1973.
Israel has always been surrounded by enemy states (and Jews who who would be more comfortable if Israel did not exist).
Dry Bones, and Mr. Shuldig, have been fighting back since I started drawing the cartoon.

Now I've put together an anthology of the best of the "Dry Bones Fights Back" cartoons. The book is on sale at Amazon" where, in addition to the (over sized) anthology there's a Kindle copy (and a bookshelf of other Dry Bones books). And if you buy a copy PLEASE leave a review. It would be really helpful.
Dry Bones cartoon,Amazon, Dry Bones Fights Back, Book, Kindle,

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