Monday, July 10, 2017

Heat Wave

Dry Bones cartoon,Israel, heat wave,
According to YNET:
Heat wave threatens extreme temperatures throughout week
As if it wasn't hot enough, another heat wave is expected to sizzle throughout Israel in the coming week, increasing risk of heat-related dangers.

A heat wave is expected to bring extreme temperatures to Israel in the coming days, simultaneously driving Israelis to find a respite from the heat while increasing the dangers of heat stroke and dehydration from being outside.

According to Mateo-tech Meteorological Services, drier than average extreme temperatures are expected inland, while heavy humidity on the coastal plane is anticipated. Winds and choppy ocean conditions are projected for Sunday and Monday, with extreme heat expected to strike in the Negev and Arava area.

The heat wave is expected to reach its peak Tuesday before temperatures start dropping Wednesday.

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